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Myths About Digital Agencies By VMG Software Solutions

Myths About Digital Agencies

I noticed and could not find anyone who drew our attention towards this topic. First of all I would request everyone not to look at any digital agencies as monsters, because we are not believe me.

We have a come a long way to this and now finally I thought to share it with everyone. Whenever I ask to a prospect or rather I offer my services, “we only work with freelancers” this is what I receive back. This is acceptable but only when you can answer, “may I know the reason for the same?” Most of the people don’t answer it. It’s not because they do not want to, it is because they do not know what to answer. Because they have not experienced any services, they have only heard and made up the mind.

Considering the one who has had a bad experience, well all the fingers are not same. I would like to draw attention towards the myths that has been created over the period of time and why those are myths and not reality.

1) IT agencies charges too much: –

Most of the times I have noticed that people make mistake over here because of the comparison, undoubtedly the industry is growing in a rapid manner and the rise in the IT companies have been significant. Obviously when you start a firm, lower rates should be your strategy to make a base. But haven’t we observed hikes in rates when we grow? Take any example, like literally any example.

So when you compare a baby elephant with a grown one, well I feel it like a joke.

2) IT agencies are not accountable: –

Well, here I would like to ask only one question. Which one is easier? To shut down the shared workspace or a whole company with an in-house team? One of the good key factors of an agency is the accountability. How can we not be accountable, we do not want to shut down our business. In this case there are high chances where a single operating person might not take accountability as S/he doesn’t have to take care of a lot of resource’s families. Try to think this way.

3) Priority on projects: –

This has been heard and observed a few times that agencies do not take projects on priority as they have a lot of projects on hand and vice versa. Well, this could probably be the scenario but then for what agencies have an in house team and the strategic partners who always have resources to fulfill any urgent need?

I would like to conclude this with a note that make a list of parameters before you choose anyone instead of believing in a myth.


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